Contrary to popular belief…..

…..translation is not just a case of transferring words systematically from one language to another. If it were, Google Translate would be ideal for carrying out translations. Other aspects, however, need to be taken into account at all times during the translation process. My studies during my MA in Translation have taught me that these include context, purpose, new audience, culture and style. Only a human translator can recognise these factors and produce a translation that is fit for cross-cultural communication.

What do I translate?

I translate text from Spanish to English. I specialize in travel and tourism and sport, especially football. In the past I have translated travel guides, city guides, travel writing blogs, football match reports and football articles. Furthermore, I am happy to translate texts in subjects I am knowledgeable and passionate about such as food and drink, history, music and culture. I also have experience in translating legal documents. Please contact me for a sample of my portfolio.

A methodical approach

Before carrying out any translation the source text and any important instructions in the brief must be analysed in order to understand the purpose of the translation. The approach can then be decided on taking into account the target culture and target audience. Research will often take place to help understand the subject. A glossary of key words will be compiled to aid in the process. This will enable uniformity of key phrases and vocabulary, and ensure that it is fit for its intended purpose. CAT tools are used for added efficiency and quality. Once the translation is finished the text is carefully proofread to ensure it is free from error.

Can I translate from English to Spanish?

The simple answer is no! There is an unwritten rule that as professional translators we will never translate into a language that is not our mother tongue. Why? Because no matter how many trips abroad and years toiling away with study books, we can never master a foreign language with the same lexical accuracy, grammatical correctness and complete familiarity typical of a native.

Spanish expertise

I have been learning Spanish for 15 years. I started my studies, like so many others, with books and CDs. This helped me build the foundations, but it was not until I fully immersed myself with the language and culture, by living in Argentina for two years, that I really began to master the finer points of the language. Since then I have gained a First Class Honours Degree in Spanish and History and I am currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Translation. The contact I have with my girlfriend, an Argentine living in Spain, further helps me to flex my Spanish language muscle on a daily basis. I would describe my level of Spanish as advanced but still a small way off near-native level.

Hire me

Please get in touch for any work you would like me to carry out and I will be able to supply you with a quote.